A terrestrial body that freely orbits the domestic space. A versatile object that adapts to every home and to the needs of those who inhabit it daily. An essential project that features authentic materials and primary forms. Satellite is a new modular kitchen system, the culmination of 7○Materia’s constant drive for research.

A kitchen island with a sink and shelves

Satellite is a kitchen system characterised by a minimal and functional design. Dynamic, flexible and modular, it can be positioned in and moved around various different spaces of the house, both indoor and outdoor.
Thanks to these features, it lends itself to preparation and cooking zones that are alternative to the main kitchen.

A kitchen island with a sink and shelves
Single module of Satellite kitchen
Illuminated sink with soap and a fork
Kitchen with a pot and food on a plate

Satellite’s base is made of either aluminium or plywood. The top part features 7○Materia™, a unique material born from a mix of cement, water and inert materials such as sand, or marble fragments. These raw materials are naturally abundant in the territories from which they are extracted.

Black blue 70Materia texture
Grey 70Materia texture
Aluminium texture
Wood texture

Satellite is composed of a series of modules, available both individually or in the desired configuration. Each is dedicated to a specific function — washing, preparation, cooking — and can be freely customised with open or close compartments, wheels or feet, drawers and shelves.

A sink metal module of kitchen
A metal module with a blue top
A metal kitchen module with a blue top
A sink wood module of kitchen
A wood module with a grey top
A wood kitchen module with a blue top
Craftsmanship and sustainability

Satellite is entirely produced in Italy. The surface used for the top part of the modules is the result of a patented artisanal process carried out with care and wisdom, which enhances the material’s natural beauty.

Satellite is made from natural and recyclable materials, with a limited use of glues, varnishes and other polluting chemicals. The quality of the materials and its natural versatility make it intrinsically long-lasting. 

Satellite is a project by 7○Materia™, a material characterised by a timeless look and an extraordinary artisanal quality, used to create continuous floors, wall coverings, furnishing elements and other design projects. It is rooted in a lively dialogue between raw matter and territory, between the unique nature of a place and the ingenuity of the people who interpret it.